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Custom cables and looms


we can often help with neatening your wiring, send us an email!




Lemon Rx SPektrum PPM Receiver 

This tiny 6 channel receiver from Lemon RX is fully DSM2 compatible for using with Spektrum and other radios. It has PPM output on the end pins which can connect to your DOSD's PPM input without needing a separate PPM encoder. It weighs only 4g so is perfect for your parkflyer FPV project!

You can de-solder the PPM pins and replace them with female header so that the receiver pushes on to the DOSD for a really light, neat installation. Send me a message with your order, I probably have some female headers you can have.

UPDATE The 5v pin on the PPM header is a reference voltage only, and cannot supply power to servos from the Rx and is unreliable to supply power to the Rx from the DOSD PPM connections. For a neat installation, connect the PPM 5V line to the main servo connectors instead!

Comes with a bind plug and a sticky pad for mounting.


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 USB TTL adaptor 

Connect your PC to the DOSD+ to update to the latest firmware, load waypoints, and view live data as well as configure settings.

you can do most of the above with a simple program like terraterm, the process is much simplified using Craig Lister's PC Commander. Waypoint programming requires Chris Raynak's Mission Editor

See our USB cable set for mounting in the plane.


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